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Providing electronic trading platforms to enable smooth and efficient trading in G-Sec, Money, Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivative markets.

Clearcorp Dealing Systems (India) Ltd. (Clearcorp)(CIN: U74999MH2003PLC140849), a wholly owned subsidiary of CCIL, was incorporated in June, 2003 to facilitate, set up and carry on the business of providing dealing systems/platform

Current Market Trends


“Clearcorp Repo Order Matching System” (CROMS) is an anonymous trading system facilitating dealing in Market Repos (i.e. borrowing/lending funds against Central Govt. and State Govt. securities). Market repos traded OTC are also reported on the CROMS platform. “Govt. Securities Lending Transaction-GSLT” functionality available on the system allows borrowing one security against another security.


Negotiated Dealing System - Order Matching” (NDS-OM) is primarily an anonymous order matching platform, owned by the Reserve Bank of India for outright market purchase and sale of government securities. Additionally, it allows members to negotiate bilaterally through “REQUEST FOR QUOTE” segment. OTC deals undertaken outside the platform are also reported by Members through this platform.


This platform offers two modes of dealing i.e. Order Matching and Negotiation mode. It also facilities trading in the FBIL USD/INR Reference Rate. Trading in swap instruments extending up to 12 months and three up to spot instruments viz Cash/Tom, Cash/Spot, Tom/Spot, a LD/LD instrument (Month 1 end over Month 2 end) and two ORF instruments (Month 1 end and Month 2 end) are also enabled.


Negotiated Dealing System - CALL” (NDS-CALL) system allows members to negotiate bilaterally for borrowing and lending funds in Call/Notice/Term market. It provides equitable access to all members for dealing in the money market. It is a form of Request for Quote system, wherein quotes can be asked/given to known counterparties.


ASTROID is the dealing platform for rupee derivative trades referenced to the MIBOR (O/N) benchmark. The ‘Normal Watch Window’ on the ASTROID platform consists of details of all the 12 Standard instruments available for trading, and allows the users to place Normal Bid/Offer orders for those 12 instruments. The ‘Spread Market Watch’ window facilitates the spread trades of members.


FX-Retail platform provides an order driven dealing in the USD/INR currency pair for the customers of banks. The customers can access the platform through the Internet to place buy/sell orders in the USD/INR currency pair as per their requirement. They can book contracts in CASH, TOM, SPOT and FORWARD instruments upto a period of 13 months including broken dates and Option period.


The Tri-Party Repo Dealing System (TREPS) provides screen based order matching system with pre-trade and post-trade anonymity for market participants in the triparty repo market. RBI INFINET members can access the dealing system through INFINET network. Other REPO eligible entities i.e. Constituents introduced to TREPS by Clearing Member shall access TREPS through INTERNET.

In Focus

Go-live of FX-Clear new version (post merger with FX-Swap platform) w.e.f. March 18, 2024.
What's New
18 Mar 2024
We are pleased to inform that the new version of FX-Clear platform (post merger with FX-Swap platform) has been released to the market w.e.f. March 18, 2024. Members will be able to access the FX-Swap instruments on FX -Clear platform with this development.
Launch of FBIL USD INR Reference Rate Trading RSpot on FXClear platform w.e.f. November 07, 2022
What's New
07 Nov 2022
The new version of FX-Clear platform enabling the members to trade in the FBIL USD/INR Reference Rate (R-Spot) shall go live with effect from November 07, 2022
Consultation Paper : Introduction of Forward trading in Government Securities
What's New
20 Aug 2021
A Bond forward transaction refers to a transaction where the seller agrees to deliver pre-specified bonds to the buyer on a mutually agreed date